Why choose solar?

Many Australian homes and businesses are now choosing to go green to reduce their carbon footprint & electricity costs.

How much does a solar system cost?

The upfront cost of your solar system is affected by a number of factors, including:

  • government rebates and incentives available
  • contractor installation costs
  • type and number of solar panels, which affect the output of your system in kilowatts (kW)
  • type and size of inverter (the part of the system that converts the electrical output of your solar panels into AC electricity for use in your home or business)
  • type of framing equipment and other system components
  • height and accessibility of roof and whether it is tiled, metal or concrete
  • any after-sales service agreements
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How do I get a rebate on my solar system?

Solar Victoria offers rebates to commercial, residential and rental properties for solar panels and residential for solar & batteries. The application process involves:

What happens next after the solar installation is completed?

  • Your system must remain turned off until the solar inspector attends.
  • We lodge your certificate with a independent solar inspector
  • The inspector will contact you within 1-3 weeks to inspect your system
  • If the system is compliant, the inspector will turn your system on
  • Once the inspection is completed, Steen submit all documents to your electrical provider
  • The electrical provider will contact you within 6 weeks to let you know the metering is complete
  • The electrical provider will add a metering cost for your metering to your next electrical bill which the customer is responsible to pay (up to $150)
This all sounds complicated but we all do our little jobs so the customer doesn’t have to do anything.

What warranty do I get?

All of our products include warranties. You will get a warranty on solar panels, solar inverters and batteries. The length of warranty does vary from supplier to supplier so please contact us for accurate details. Steen Electrical provides a lifetime guarantee on workmanship of the installation of your system.


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